It's the delightful things in life.

The feeling that greets you when you first experience The Glenbrook is the warmth between the staff and the residents. Together, this is the essence of a real village community, with the inclusiveness you’ve been looking for.

Walk around this delightful village, with the tinkling of a distant piano from one of the rooms, then the click of billiard balls in the lounge or the patter of laptop keys as someone enjoys the free Wi-Fi.

The walk itself is a relaxing moment through the spacious hallways overlooking The Glenbrook’s magnificent gardens, perhaps on your journey to select a new book or read your current favourite in the library.

The Glenbrook has a way of drawing people together, like the weekly ‘happy hour’ or the lovely catch ups for a chat, relaxing with old friends and new friends over freshly brewed cappuccinos.

It’s the little things that have created this close-knit community of The Glenbrook.

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It's the safe and secure things in life.

Our philosophy at The Glenbrook is enhancing your independence, as you want it, with care, as you need it. Your quality of life, choice, comfort, privacy, security and peace of mind comes first. For you and your family.

Hence, every residence has a 24-7 emergency call system, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers. Maximising your safety, with staff on-site, 24 hours a day and always available, should you require assistance.

All our safety and security features are close at hand but won’t interfere with your home, day to day living or privacy. The Glenbrook is designed to maintain your independence, too.

It’s the reassuring things in life at The Glenbrook.

It's the personal things in life.


You have the best of both worlds at The Glenbrook. Gorgeous gardens to escape out into without the worry of maintaining them. Our Gardener takes care of all landscaping and gardening. Your only job is to enjoy it, everyday!


Pets are like family for our residents. So, as long as your furry little friend is well behaved and isn’t a nuisance to others, pets are permitted at The Glenbrook. Pet care services can be arranged for you, too.

"It’s wonderful having Molly here with us. That is part of keeping your independence as well. Having a pet is a benefit to everybody."

Resident at The Glenbrook